I have a baby gerbil asleep in my pocket. Anyone got any suggestions for a name?

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xits a boy xgerbil xbaby gerbil xwe have loads though so any names appreciated xmale or female xi was thinking cas or gus xfandom related maybe xwhatever xrandom xlook how cute he is though xsend me an ask xgerbil cas
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    Sir or Lady fluffington the third.
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    How cute! I don’t have any suggestions though, sorry. Names are personal things I guess. Good luck!
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  8. ridraw answered: that is one cute baby! whatever you start using as a nickname should be his name :3
  9. sentimentisfoundinthewinchesters answered: Harry Potter. I’m kidding ya, even though he does have this “Harry” look about him. Anyway, he’s gorgeous! Good luck finding a name!
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